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Your First Appointment

Your comfort and wellness is our priority. We believe you will notice the difference from your very first appointment with Dr. AminZadeh.

Dr. AminZadeh conducts all appointments personally. For this first important meeting, be prepared to share and discuss any problems or concerns you have about the appearance and functionality of your teeth and mouth. Following this, Dr. AminZadeh will perform a thorough dental examination including:

  • Evaluation of jaw joints
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Gum examination
  • Bite examination
  • Teeth examination
  • Cosmetic analysis

The duration of your first appointment will be one to one and a half hours. Following this appointment, Dr. AminZadeh will assess your personal case and formulate a plan of treatment based on your immediate needs. He will also consider future issues so as to mitigate all risks to your oral health and cosmetic enhancements. Your personal care specialist will set up a follow up visit for you in which Dr. AminZadeh will share his recommendations and discuss next steps.

We always take into consideration your level of readiness to embark on a treatment program and will work with you at your pace.