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Gum Surgery

Depending on the stage of your gum disease, there are a variety of highly effective treatments available to you.

These range from non-surgical therapies, to control bacterial growth, to surgery to restore supportive tissues.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Removing plaque and tartar that builds up and hardens on your teeth surface, above and below the gum line, is essential to keep your gums healthy and can only be done by a dental expert. Dr. AminZadeh can also perform scaling and root planing, done under a local anesthetic, where plaque and tartar build up is scraped away above and below the gum line and rough spots on your teeth are made smooth.

Surgical Treatments

Depending on the seriousness of your gum disease, there are a number of procedures Dr. Aminzadeh can perform on your gums. These include: pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, guided tissue regeneration and bone surgery.

At your first consultation with Dr. Aminzadeh, he will take the time to explain how you can prevent gum disease. Our goal is to restore your gums back to health – effectively, comfortably and painlessly. We will also help you set up a program to ensure the prevention of gum disease so your gums will remain healthy far into the future.

These procedures may require several appointments at our comfortable specialty dental studio.