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Our Philosophy

Dr. AminZadeh’s dental studio is focused on improving the functionality of your teeth and enhancing your smile.

Not just in the short term but for the long run. We ensure that the problems we solve today will not reoccur in the future.

Dr-Aminzadeh-Group-ShotA Careful and Thorough Assessment for the Best Results

Dr. AminZadeh believes in a careful and thorough assessment of every patient. When you enter the studio you will immediately get a sense of the importance placed on every facet of your teeth, mouth and smile. There are no limits to the energy that will be expended to achieve perfect results and Dr. AminZadeh knows that, to get perfect results, everyone on your care team needs to fully understand the issues and plan carefully for the best results.

Your Personal Dental Team Designing the Best Care for You

Dr. AminZadeh will be designing and planning the best treatment for you and discussing this with you. He and his team will be close at hand and guiding you through the process so nothing is left undone.

Evidence-based Clinical Dentistry Assures Quality

Dr. AminZadeh’s dental studio is renowned for using evidence-based, clinical dentistry that relies on the following quality-assurance goals:

  • Scientifically proven clinical evidence on which to formulate decisions on your care
  • Selection and use of equipment, technology and methods that have been rigorously tested and proven to be safe and effective
  • Monitoring processes and results and constantly improving methods, technology and tools based on objective scientific evidence
  • Undertaking education and training in order to understand and apply evidence-based approaches on an ongoing basis.


Ultimately, you can trust the dental experts at Dr. AminZadeh’s studio to take care of your mouth and smile and to deliver optimal results for now and far into your future.